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Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee, established in 2016, monitors compliance with Wellness Board policy and addresses student nutrition, physical fitness, and overall well-being. The Wellness Committee meeting dates for 2019-20 are Sep. 26,  Oct. 24, Jan. 23, Mar. 26 and Apr. 23.  Meetings are held at 3:30 PM in the Malucelli room at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School and are open to the public. 

2019-2020 Wellness Committee

District Wellness Plan 2018-2019

 2019-2020 Wellness COMMITTEE MEMBERS

Laurie Bailey, RH teacher

Sekai Greer, RH teacher

Reigin Zawadski, RH parent

Kim Pertel, RH parent

Kathy Macchi, RH parent

Eliza Becker, RH parent

Raghav Bandla, RH parent

Raechel Olson, CP teacher

Julian Damon, CP parent

Paul Espinas, CP parent

Maria Vonderbrink, CP parent,

Sharon Lee, LP teacher

Kelly Bacher, LP parent

Lisa Erickson, JM parent

Dena Rasmussen, JM parent

Bruce Burns, superintendent

Shari Simon, community member

Robin Dunn, community member (St. Mary's College)


2019-2020 Agendas And Minutes