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Student Safety Committee

2018-2019 Student Safety Committee

The Student Safety Committee meets at least four times a year to review and update the District's Comprehensive School Safety Plan. The Student Safety Committee is charged with updating, monitoring and improving the Comprehensive School Safety Plan. Meetings begin at 3:30 PM and are held in room 24 at  Camino Pablo Elementary School. 2018-19 meeting dates: October 10, December 12, February 13,  and April 17.  Meetings are open to the public.

2018-2019 SSC Members

        Bruce Burns, superintendent                   Angie Guidi, teacher    

        Joan Danilson, principal                             Greg Thomson, teacher        

        Brian Sullivan, principal                             Barbara Elliott, teacher         

        Chris Reddam, principal                             Joanne McClellen, teacher

        Stephanie Richards, principal                   Kristin Cortright, teacher    

        David Lanuza, vice principal                      Shaun Paul, teacher

        Annette Herbert, CSEA member               Fernanda Garcia, parent

        Marcia Holbrook, CSEA member              Chris Tritto, parent

        Richard Severy, board member                Todd Feinberg, parent  

        Laura Kelly, parent                                      Jenny Lallas, parent