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Cultural Proficiency Committee

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Standard 1: Students, families, and staff value human differences and varied perspectives, and own their responsibility to respect others.

Standard 2: Curriculum and programs reflect the broad diversity within our local, national, and international communities.

Standard 3: Clear and transparent systems are established to address concerns about meeting the goals in this charter, and about the cultural climate as a whole.

What is the CPC?

The charge of the Cultural Proficiency Committee is to identify cultural proficiency standards, measures MSD can test/evaluate against these standards and then develop plans to improve our cultural proficiency where there are gaps. For the 2018-19 school year, meetings will be held at 3:30 PM at Los Perales School in room 4. Meeting dates: Sept. 24, Nov. 26, Jan. 28, Mar. 25 and May 20.

2018 - 2019 CPC Members    
Jon Nickens, Board member                            Regina Sirios, JM parent 1819*
Bruce Burns, superintendent                          Mona Palanisamy, JM parent 1718*  Caroline Stevens, community                         Tracy Feldman, JM parent 1819*
Wendell Baker, community                             Robin Anderson, JM teacher 1819*
Lisa Rose, RH parent 1920*                              Gaby Alvarez, JM counselor 1819*
Tiffany Lewis, RH parent 1819*                       Cathy Harrison, CP parent 1718*
Tanja Gubser, RH teacher 1718*                     Leslie Nuccio, CP parent 1819*
Stephanie Richards, LP principal*                   Raechel Olson, CP teacher 1819* 
David Lanuza, JM asst. principal*                    Dianne Wong, LP teacher 1718*
Stefanie Galizia, LP parent 1718*
Jessica Meeks, LP parent 1819*
Year = End of 2 Yr Term
~ Co-Chairs
*voting member