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Home Learning Resources for Parents

If tech access at home is an issue, can we borrow a device? 

Yes. We have a limited number of Chromebooks to loan to families in need. We will give out student Chromebooks at the District Office on:

  • Monday, April 6, 10-12
  • Tuesday, April 7, 10-12 

If you need device(s), or picked one up last week and need another, please do the following before coming:


  • Only one parent in the District Office at a time to pick up a Chromebook and return completed form. 
  • Do not ask questions of staff about how to use the Chromebook, you can find info here
  • If borrowing multiple Chromebooks, please take only one adapter, 
  • We are currently out of Hot Spots and seeking more.
  • For safety, before using the Chromebook, wipe it down with an Alcohol/water solution on a clean paper towel. Do NOT spray directly on device, and allow it to air dry before closing the Chromebook.

What if I need a Hotspot? 

For families that have NO home Internet, we are trying to locate additional hot spots. Unfortunately, due to demand, there are currently none available from our sources. The good news is that most cell carriers are offering hot spots at no extra charge with your cell phone plan, so you can simply turn your cell phone into a hot spot. Reach out to your carrier for more information. Below are some additional resources to explore:

Additional INformation:

Who should I contact if my child cannot get into Clever, SeeSaw or another resources with their QR code or login?

Start with:

1. Your Classroom Teacher and Principal

2. If they are unable to help, they will forward onto your school's Site Tech Coordinator or District Tech Support.